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The vines: our most precious asset

In terms of quantity and terroir, Castelli del Grevepesa is one of the leading producers of Chianti Classico. Over 120 families who for generations have cared for their vineyards like children with passion and commitment, relying on the valuable supervision of a team expert Agronomists who accompany them and guide them diligently throughout the whole year, right up to the grape harvest.

They have one fundamental task: to monitor the state of the vineyards and intervene, where necessary, depending on the progress of the season. A display of great teamwork that combines the various skills with the very latest cultivation technologies and systems.

Taglio di una vite presso un viticoltore della cantina Castelli del Grevepesa
Vendemmia Castelli del Grevepesa

A great family celebration

As dictated by tradition, every year the harvest is a great celebration, as well as being hard work. All the grapes are delivered by the Associates to the Castelli del Grevepesa winery. Once they have arrived at the winery, they are handed over to our Winemakers, who, together with a team of Enologists, check the quality of the grapes in the laboratory and go on to monitor every stage of the process, from vinification to bottling.

Many terroirs, just one winery

For everyone, vinification is an intricate and complex process, even more so for the enologists at Castelli del Grevepesa: the only Chianti Classico winery to boast such a wide range of wines made from grapes from different terroirs and that are fully produced in its own winery.

The wines from the different zones/vineyards are kept separate until the final blending. Only by operating in this way can we express in full the organoleptic qualities of each individual zone of production.

Therefore, every vinification process is differentiated according to the different grape varieties and their characteristics, with particular focus on alcoholic fermentation, racking, control of malolactic fermentation, subsequent transfers, the ageing stage in barrels and barriques, right up to bottling.

Barrique di legno presso una delle cantine di Castelli del Grevepesa

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