Toscano or Toscana IGT Rosso - Castelli del Grevepesa

Toscano or Toscana IGT Rosso

In simple terms, we can say that all those wines produced from grapes grown in the Tuscany Region are classed as IGT wines, but they must be made from vine varieties included in the official list for the Region. In the case of Toscana IGT Rosso, one should not commit the error of thinking it is necessarily a less “important” wine than one with a DOC/DOCG label.
Indeed, in the recent history of Tuscan viticulture and oenology, some of the best examples of innovation and quality fall into the IGT category, perhaps because they are free – in a certain sense – from the constraints that surround DOC/DOCG status. However, we must not conclude that this is always the case: the great majority of Tuscan wines bearing the IGT label do so out of necessity. Makers feel they need to exploit the potential of their business beyond the limitations imposed by regulations governing DOC and DOCG production, and may, in certain cases, achieve excellent results. The wines of Castelli del Grevepesa offer us some such examples, including the Castelgreve Rosso Toscana and Bianco Toscana; but also the Elianto, a Vermentino Toscana made from the grapes of the historic white-berried vine from the upper Maremma.
And then there is the Settimo in the Clemente VII line, produced from a combination of Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah grapes and in the true tradition of the Super Tuscans.

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