Vermentino Toscano Wine - Castelli del Grevepesa


The history of Vermentino is buried in the mists of time. Even the greatest oenologists are unclear about its origins, although many trace it back to Spain, from where it travelled to Sardinia via Corsica. But was that really the case? Indeed, some argue that this white grape variety actually travelled in the reverse direction. One sure fact is that Vermentino was not recorded as one of the varieties grown in Sardinia in the “Ampelographic Bulletin” of 1877. Nevertheless, of the more than 4,000 hectares of Vermentino grown in Italy, 3,300 are on the Island of Sardinia; while Tuscany is the second most popular area, with 544 hectares planted with this white grape variety. Vermentino flourishes on poor land and especially near the sea, as it is particular tolerant of salt winds and enjoys exposure to the sun. In Tuscany, these conditions are especially typical of the Alta Maremma, where the grapes are grown that produce Elianto, a Vermentino Toscana IGT in the Castelgreve line from Castelli del Grevepesa. Made entirely from Vermentino grapes, it is matured in steel vats, a process which enhances its organoleptic properties. With hints of white flowers, fruity notes and a natural tang, it reveals the influence of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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